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安德鲁·C. 哈丁


Andy 哈丁 is an attorney focusing his practice on litigation and government affairs and relations, including maritime and 环境 matters.

Most recently, Andy served as Chief Counsel to U.S. 参议员约翰?. 肯尼迪代表美国.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary where he focused not only on constitutional issues and the federal court system, but also immigration and naturalization, 专利, 反垄断, federal criminal law, and other matters under its jurisdiction.  He served for over four years as counsel on the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, during which time he was a senior negotiator and drafter for water resource development legislation impacting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and 环境 legislation focusing primarily on wildlife, 运动员, and the Endangered Species Act.  Andy also worked at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Andy has represented clients as an attorney with two Washington, D.C. 律师事务所. This includes a variety of practice areas involving maritime, 环境, 合同, 人身伤害, 产品质量责任, 财产, 家庭, 以及刑法, 等. He also worked inhouse as Director of Governmental Affairs for USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation, an 环境 energy startup company that focused on converting solid hydrocarbons into low-cost, 清洁, liquid transportation fuels. 

Having served as a lawyer within corporate and governmental entities in addition to his law firm experience, Andy brings a unique perspective and diverse skill set to client matters in a variety of practice areas.

  • Virginia Maritime Association, Communications & 推广委员会 
  • 切萨皮克 Bar Association
  • 弗吉尼亚海滩 Bar Association
  • James Kent American Inn of Court
  • 切萨皮克 Division of Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
安德鲁·C. 哈丁 律师 澳门亚洲博彩平台排名 & 亚洲博彩平台排名,P.C. 电话/传真: (757) 490-6251宽度= 350&身高= 274&rnd=133342424263730000&= webp格式&质量= 80